Helping people turn ideas into workable projects in an accurate yet understandable way.

What we do

"About half of the ICOs launched last year were unsuccessful."

We focus on providing advisory services that could help start-ups in their pre-ICO stage to stay on the winning side of the market.

We definitely do not merely lend our names and credentials to help build credibility or promote businesses among our networks, nor provide some list of available investors.

How we do it

We strive to build strong business relationships with the top management team based on a deep level of understanding and trust.

We fully engage with the team and spend extensive time with them to get acquainted with a given problem.

We propose honest, relevant, and clear feedback, to enable them to make the right and objective decisions leading towards a successful ICO launch, benefiting the overall economy.

Our advisory service, although sometimes necessarily multidisciplinary, will never compete and should never be confounded with the services provided by other members of the team such as lawyers, marketers, or developers. Yet, it should be clear that we do not know everything about everything.

Who we are

Sofia eConsulting OÜ is a private limited company, digitally incorporated in Estonia through the innovative Estonian e-Residency program. It is a trusted, location-independent business, managed 100% online, compliant with the EU legal framework.

In October 2017, our publication caught the attention of a start-up team and led us to be invited to act as its adviser. From that moment on, our 15-years’ experience as a Doctoral supervisor has been instrumental in helping validate the feasibility of the business ideas and then turn them into workable projects and full-fledged, accurate, and yet understandable business plan.

Who makes it happen

Renato P. dos Santos

Renato P. dos Santos

Managing partner

holds a DSc (Physics) degree with post-doc works in AI, and specialisations in Data Science and blockchain technologies and is also a member of the British Blockchain Association. He has always been interested in high-impact scientific and has authored more than 100 scientific papers about Philosophy of Cryptocurrencies, Big Data, Second Life, Physics teaching, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Algebra, and Quantum Field Theory.

Tatiane L. Michaelsen

Tatiane L. Michaelsen

Partner, CGO

As our Chief Green Officer, she is responsible for the implementation and management of our company's commitment to sustainable practices, not only internally among our team but also externally, including our expectations about how we do business with our business partners, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.

About our symbol

Graphic representation of the female figure, not as a modern woman, but as the Goddess Sophia, the archetype of wisdom, present in Platonism, Gnosticism, and esoteric Christianity. The hairlines follow the graphism of the letter S and are upward, to symbolise the company's goals.

The mirroring of the shape symbolises the service. Consulting is understood as done person to person. The figures are aligned to the same height, providing symmetry and equality among participants and representing the relationship of understanding, trust, and engagement.

The negative space, resulting from the previous composition, through Gestalt, symbolises the chalice, one of the primary references to the divine.

The configuration that contains the internal elements represents the universe, the world where the company operates and where people live together.The opening at the top symbolises the expansion of knowledge, the human mind, and the ideas exchanged. We should always be open to the new.